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Kiwi, Passionfruit + Lime Caipiroska

26 June 2011


This blog has thus far been seriously lacking in beverage recipes – particularly of the alcoholic variety – and it’s time to turn that lame trend on its head. I do all my cooking for the blog in the morning (when natural light is best to take photographs), and this lovely little drink was no exception. Is it classy to be drinking alcohol at 10am on a Sunday morning? Not really. Recommended? Highly.

The caipiroska (ki-pee-rosh-ka) is a variation of the famous cachaça-based caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. Caipirinhas are traditionally made using cachaça (sugar cane rum), ice, lime wedges and a small amount of refined white or light brown sugar. In this version, vodka is substituted for the cachaça and kiwi, passionfruit and mint are added to give it a little something extra in both flavour and colour.

I had my first caipirinha a couple of years ago at a Latin nightclub here in Edinburgh, and fell in love with it instantly. Unsurprisingly, cachaça is not particularly easy to come by in Scotland, so I was pleased to learn of this vodka-based version in Louise Pickford’s Al Fresco. It is truly the perfect summer cocktail – fresh and fruity-tasting (although not overly sweet) and extremely easy to make on the cheap. Enjoy!!



Serves: 2

1 fresh lime, quartered

1 fresh kiwi, peeled + diced

1 fresh passionfruit, halved

12 fresh mint leaves

3 tsp white or light brown sugar

Ice cubes

2 large shots vodka

Fresh fruit slices, to serve


1.  In a cocktail shaker, combine lime, kiwi, passionfruit (seeds and pulp only), mint leaves and sugar. Mash well with a citrus press or handle of a wooden spoon until macerated.

2.  Fill 2 glasses with ice to chill thoroughly. Tip ice into cocktail shaker with macerated fruit, add vodka and shake well. Strain into chilled glasses and garnish with fresh fruit slices, if desired.


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  1. 31 May 2012 9:14 am

    If I had kiwi in the house, I’d be making this right now!

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